Emilcotoni Philosophy

We are convinced that in the future people will attach increasing importance to quality.

From the quality of food, to quality of air and the environment, quality of clothing products and of the raw materials with which they are made.

For over 25 years now, Emilcotoni has been a consolidated partner of the most prestigious international fashion brands, a record achieved as a result of policies aimed at the extreme search for quality (Quintessence line) while respecting the environment and our employees in all parts of the supply chain.

The importance of human capital is the spirit that guides us, the expression of feeling like a team, obtained by respecting ethical values, the environment and all those values of culture and craftsmanship typical of Italian know-how and which have made our culture and our art unique and inimitable in the world.

Our yarns are the expression of the passion and courage with which we improve our work every day, looking to the future with optimism, a constant in our corporate mission as are research and creativity.

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