Our Winter Collection gathers up a selection of yarns thought for the winter period.

Soft and light to the touch, these articles are characterized by high thermal properties and technological content.



Main Collection gathers our most representative products, from classic yarns that made our history, to our brand-new articles.

Every yarn has its own wide colour card and a large Stock Service.



Thanks to its original and innovative yarns, Twin Collection completes and enhances our range of products.

Twin Collection articles do not have their own colour cards and refer to those belonging to the Main Collection.



Interseason Collection includes those yarn suitable for every period of the year, the so-called evergreen.

Cotton, wool, cashmere, silk: a yarn for all seasons.


Emilcotoni is at the forefront of the fashion world: manufacturing with common sense and, above all, with raw materials guaranteed in terms of quality and safety has always been our prerogative. 

Certifications, traceability and environmental sustainability are synonymous with guaranteed and authentic products. Our commitment toprotect the environment and people is part of our history, which is why we have adopted an internal code of ethics that represents the essence and philosophy of our company.

The many audits we successfully passed have allowed us to obtain a substantial number of certifcations: our achievements speak for us.

Our collections

The climatic changes affecting our planets are an increasingly evident and worrying phenomenon.

In relation to such changes, a company faces two possible alternatives: pretending nothing has happened and continuing doing as before or acknowledging reality and its new needs and trying to provide valid answers.

Emilcotoni belongs to this second category and Carbon Footprint is our answer.

With Carbon Footprint we at Emilcotoni are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions produced by our company and all its production processes. The future is clear in front of us: the road is that of decarbonisation, the goal is zero emissions. 

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