The climatic changes affecting our planet are becoming more evident, rapid and worrying every day.

If, during the Nineties, a deep-rooted awareness about sustainability was typical of very few, far-sighted individuals, today, on the contrary, the entire civil society has raised…

…a powerful cry of alarm.

Every company faces two possible alternatives:

continuing as if nothing had happened or acknowledging the changes in progress and trying to provide valid answers.

Emilcotoni belongs to this second category. After all, it could not be otherwise: for some time we have been carrying out a specific environmental commitment that has already marked numerous and important achievements and it is precisely this commitment of ours that asks us to do so.

For this reason, we are pleased to state that Emilcotoni is the first Italian company operating in the yarn sector to have started an assessment procedure for its Carbon Footprint.

It is an environmental indicator capable of quantitatively expressing the effects produced on climate by the greenhouse gases generated by an organization, a process or a product. In a few words: anything and any action (but also a person!) has an environmental impact and Carbon Footprint is what allows us to quantify it.

The measurement takes place using international standards based on a LCA logic (Life Cycle Assessment).

This logic requires considering the entire life cycle of a product or an organization.

The phases examined vary according to the object but they generally include supply of raw materials, production, packaging, transport from the production site to the point of sale, use and disposal of the product.

But the sense of a Carbon Footprint analysis does not end with obtaining the results.

Having verified the climatic impact of our company and our products, we at Emilcotoni are committed to lowering it year by year, until we reach the ambitious but not unreasonable target of zero emissions. We know we have not taken an easy road, but that for decarbonisation remains the only one that is really worth taking, for our company, for our customers and for the well-being of society as a whole.

To find out more about Carbon Footprint and the assessment procedure started by Emilcotoni, please download the pdf attached.