The STANDARD 100 certification by OEKO-TEX® is the best known “ecological-label” for textile articles and accessories worldwide. The label shall ensure that textile products and their accessories do not release substances dangerous to human health and that they are environmentally safe.


Step by OEKO-TEX® is a modular certification system for textile and leather companies.
The goal is to implement long-term sustainable production processes, improve health and safety, and promote socially responsible working conditions and workplaces.


Better Cotton Initiative, a global non-profit organization, is the largest sustainable cotton program in the world.
The goal of BCI is to make global cotton production better for producers, for the territory in which it grows and for the future of the sector.

GOTS certified by ICEA

The Global Organic Textile Standard is recognized as the leading standard for sustainable production, from the collection of the raw material up to the labelling of garments and textile products made from fibres derived from organic crops, such as organic cotton and organic wool.

OCS certified by ICEA

The Organic Content Standard ensures that textile products contain at least 5% organic certified natural fibres and that textile manufacturing activities and processes, starting with ginning, spinning, weaving and all subsequent finishing processes, using models and management procedures that meet the requirements.

RWS certified by ICEA

RWS provides for the issuance of a third party verified environmental statement that ensures that the wool comes from farms managed responsibly in compliance with strict criteria for animal welfare, for the reduction of environmental impact and the maintenance of traceability throughout the entire production process. The certification covers the entire production chain from livestock companies to the manufacture of textile products.


The Global Recycled Standard is a holistic certification for products that contain recycled material. The aim of GRS is to provide brands with a tool for more accurate labelling, encourage innovation in the use of recycled materials, ensure greater transparency within the supply chain and consumers.

Report di sostenibilità 2022

The integrated report is a concise communication that illustrates how an organization creates, preserves or erodes value in the short, medium and long term in the context which it operates. The dimensions that are investigated are strategy, governance, performance and future prospect of the organization and the role these dimensions play in contributing to the creation / maintenance /erosion of value. With particular reference to “strategy”, this means the strategic objectives and the strategies adopted to achieve them. While “performance” refers to the results achieved by an organization with respect to the strategic objectives and its outcomes in terms of capital impacts.

This information tool makes it possible to consistently represent, evaluate and monitor the actions, resources – also of an intangible nature – and strategic results for the company.

European Flax™

Is the guarantee of traceability for premium flax fiber grown in Western Europe for all its outlets – fashion, home, technical products, others. A vegetable fiber from an agriculture that respects the environment, without irrigation* or GMOs. EUROPEAN FLAX™ is an internationally registered trademark of the Alliance for European Flax-Linen and its subsidiary CELC DEVELOPPEMENT.

*Except in exceptional circumstances.

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