The EcoPima project was born from the idea of ​​identifying the best organic cotton fiber on the market in order to create unique and precious yarns.

EcoPima fibers have a micronaire between 3.70 and 3.80 ug/inch, reach 3.8 mm in length and have a percentage of uniformity that exceeds 85%. In addition, this variety of cotton is harvested mechanically to avoid any contamination.

Thanks to these parameters, EcoPima fibers are suitable for a wide range of processes and allow the creation of customized and always new products.

For EcoPima, Emilcotoni selects only GOTS certified fibers.

This is an international and independent standard that demonstrates that a textile product is truly organic.

The first requirement to obtain GOTS is that the product is made of natural fibers grown in accordance with the criteria of organic farming as defined by national legislations. The second requirement is that the product has been manufactured in compliance with stringent environmental, social and safety criteria identified by GOTS.

But Emilcotoni’s commitment to transparency goes even further.

All EcoPima items are subjected to additional voluntary checks at each step of the supply chain, thus providing a further guarantee about their and quality and sustainability

This careful verification process is entirely traceable and allows the customer to know exactly what they are buying, from its origin to the packaging of the product.

Thanks to this extraordinary raw material, we can propose a yarn in three different declinations.

EcoPima Soft is a gassed and ring-spun yarn with a sweet and soft hand. In addition, we can offer the HT version, which has a fresher, drier feel. Even higher twists distinguish EcoPima Crepe: our yarn with a more crepe-like hand, perfect for the summer season.

The color card that comes with these yarns is designed to best enhance the fiber and includes only sustainable and long-lasting dyes.

Our customers have the opportunity to reserve this rare and precious fiber and transform it into the products they have imagined.

With EcoPima fibers it is possible to create almost all the yarns in our collection or to develop completely new products.

The service offered by our Company is 100% customizable. In this way, each customer can be sure to have purchased the best organic cotton on the market and to have created a unique and unrepeatable product.