“To be authentically sustainable, a product must be able to last over time.

This is how Re-Knit Project, realized in collaboration with Shima Seiki Italia, originated.”

With Re-Knit Project we give life to a new way of understanding the concept of recycling. The traditional recycling of cotton involves a laborious fraying operation that reduces the length of the fibers.  On the contrary, the resistant EcoPima yarns can be recycled in a much more immediate way: simply unknitting a garment to create another one. No fraying, no loss of quality, just a minimum weight loss during processing.

Concretely, carried out the project through the creation of two garments: one pre and one post recycling. We start from a elegant dress  made with EcoPima Soft Nm. 4/100.000 and then, after the unknitting of  and reconditioning the yarn, we realize a new garment with a very soft handfeel with minimum waste.

Watch the video below to find out more about the project!