Integrated Report 2022

Emilcotoni’s first Integrated Report:
another fundamental step towards Sustainability.

We are proud to present the first edition of the Integrated Report of Emilcotoni, a document able to provide all stakeholders with a global vision of the strategic dimensions of our organization.

lt is an innovative and effective communication tool to highlight the links between the various business drivers: strategy, governance, the value creation model, overall performance and outlook.

This document makes it possible to integrate financial information with non-financial information, on environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. 

Emilcotoni has already embarked on a path oriented towards sustainability and considers it a priority to accelerate this path with determination. lt intends, therefore, to enhance the triple nature of sustainability (social, environmental and governance), including it in its strategies and respecting the criteria of reporting and transparency.

All business areas were involved in the preparation of this Report, and so were all the main stakeholders, through an engagement activity aimed at identifying material issues for Emilcotoni, indicators, actions already in place and those to be taken. 

The analysis carried out and valued in the Report gives the concrete measure of the different “capitals” that contribute to the company’s resources, in addition to financial capital and productive capital:

human capital

represents the skills, experience and know-how of employees, which can be used to develop and implement innovative strategies;

intellectual capital

includes the company’s knowledge and information, including technological know-how, intellectual property and organisational knowledge;

social capital

refers to the company’s relationships with its stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, employees and the local community; a strong network of relationships can be a competitive advantage for the company and encourage the creation of shared value;

relational capital

refers to the relationships that the company has with its partners and strategic alliances that can be developed to improve the competitive position of the company;

natural capital

includes environmental processes and resources, renewable and non renewable, that can impact the success of an organization.

Guided by the conviction of the importance of integrating sustainability into our value chain, we have given great attention and care to the drafting of this report: an important step we have taken towards that precious goal called sustainability.

happy reading!