New Summer 2025 Collection

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Summer Collection 2025!

This year, we have dedicated ourselves to creating yarns that combine comfort and style, perfect to face the hottest days with a touch of sophistication. 

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We are pleased to present our Iatest innovation in the world of organic cotton: ECOPIMA RE, a continuation of our ECOPIMA project, cultivated with the new regenerative culture, which is redefining the standards of quality and sustainability in the sector textile

ECOPIMA RE is the result of a constant commitment to
sustainability and innovation.

Regenerative agriculture emerges as a response to devastating intensive farming practices, responsible for the loss of biodiversity and a significant part of emissions climates. Through sustainable and efficient techniques, it aims to recover and revitalize degraded soils, contributing simultaneously to the fight against heating global. Crop rotation, reduction of machining and coverage soil constant with crop residues represents the fundamental principles of this practice. By integrating biological preparations and integrated pest control techniques, management harmonious and respectful of the agricultural ecosystem.

Using the fibers of this cultivation, we can create custom articles for our most demanding customers. 

ECOPIMA RE is much more than a simple organic yarn.

lt’s an evolution, a promise of superior quality and commitment to a more Sustainable future. That is why we are excited to share with you the features that make ECOPIMA RE an extraordinary product:

  • Extra-long fibers of the highest quality.
  • Cultivation developed with innovative and sustainable techniques.
  • Very low environmental impact compared to traditional crops.
  • Mechanical collection to avoid any kind of contamination.
  • Availability in Nm 4/120 for impeccable finesse.
  • Guaranteed certification and traceability.

For more information about ECOPIMA RE and to find out how we can collaborate to realize your projects, please contact us.